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  • Dejsu -

    wow biggest fan of DBOR is here lol it supprising me

  • Shirokei -


  • Spark -


  • Kami97 -

    All good, was long time since last talk.. U playing DBOG?

  • Kami97 -

    Sup m8? :D

  • Neisan -

    Hey, during the official release, I'd like to join raging soul. I was a lvl 70 fighter on tw

    • Dazxot -

      u wanna join RagingKids?
      of course they gonna let u in lol
      u can join them in POB just contact Usammaa the moderator

  • ColdHell -

    im veteran played the DBO back in the day on TW-SV1 name Kalpona,Yamasha... 3 years of expiriance,discovered the glitch in the old DBO where you can meditate on air...

  • ColdHell -

    and join you guild if that's ok with you

  • ColdHell -

    i want to bare your children.