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  • Hoauniq -

    adrian you use to play a while back?

    • adrian on fire -

      yea, is this hoa?

    • Hoauniq -

      duh fool, where is zay and everyone and wuke

    • adrian on fire -

      lls we all hang out in this kik chat my in game name is Dangerous, you got kik?

    • Hoauniq -

      no i dont I can dl it to talk to y'all

  • Dontbanme -

    hello, not sure if you know me but you made a post on DBOG Mod Showthread for Everyone in which you asked him to make a mod for you, he said that he would send it to you so my question is if he did send you that trunks jacket mod could you send me the link as well? Thanks.

  • OsirisHorous -


  • Takaroku -

    You aren't so bad lol

  • ColdHell -

    Hey adrian! ;)