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  • Maxi9526 -

    Yesterday I had 1.5kkk in my account Maxi26 and today I only have 100 zeni please give me back my zeni normal game I do not use hacks or anything thanks :(

    • EsDeath -

      Go to the support site and make a ticket.

  • OoEMMAoO -

    Salut !! :D et bonne journée ^^

    • EsDeath -

      Bonne journée à toi aussi

  • KingFlex -

    i love you EsDeath :3

    • EsDeath -

      Love u too

  • ThornZGaming -

    i was wondering if i could get some help

    • EsDeath -

      What's up?

    • ThornZGaming -

      When i open the launcher it says he server is offline so i tried to start it with DBO.exe and that didn't work either

    • EsDeath -

      Start the game with dboglauncher

  • edu1980 -

    CHECK your conversations please EsDeath Mod... AND REPLY if you can please.

  • gabcsi01 -

    hi pls help me
    pm me

  • TheNotorious -

    Answwr please!!!

  • Aru -

    T'es en rampage mode!

    • EsDeath -

      Hahaha xD

  • blitzzhd -

    I can not log into my account the game says it is already connected
    pls help!

  • Kakarot1993 -

    hello .! I sent to danaos too!
    I have a problem.well i have a good internet conection i can play and all family too is conected on wifi ..But.. Yesterday my little brother buy an iphone. Well here is the problem! When the iphone conect on wifi ( server disconect me !)((only with this iphone !!)) only in this game hapent and i have normal internet!.. Why happen this? Plz help me if you can. Thx.. ?(

  • colaxico -


    i reach lv30 and i press the item for the adult quest.
    i had to log out and when i logged back it showed me adult quest feild
    now even if i press the item i wil get adult quest feild..
    I dont no if it is a bug or something like it but i m kind off stuck there.

    can you help fix it??

    • EsDeath -

      Abandon all your quests and get the item again and start your adult quest.

  • Yasuno -

    EsDeath was beast in Akame Ga Kill.

    too bad her and tatsumi never saw eye to eye

    • EsDeath -

      yes xD