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  • TomoYorvak -

    Hay there, I was told to contact you by Bad because my gift box disappeared, I already rearranged my inventory 5 times and nothing, I was wondering if u can help me out.

    Name of toon: Attiss
    Level 63 currently but gift box was used on level 60, it disappeared the weekend before Easter weekend after I updated the game. Thanks in advance and sorry to bother.

  • MagsVonHintn -

    Reporting smth that happend since the patch:

    After I installed the patch I cannot open my bank anymore for whatever reason. When I talk to the Bank NPC it immediatly crashes my game.

  • Knusama -

    i have this error, can you help me to fix it? pls prnt.sc/erd6gv prnt.sc/erd6tp

  • Keykpo -

    I like potatoes chips, and you?

  • Chulo$$J -

    Hey is there a problem with the servers before i can log in it says disconected

  • blitzzhd -

    I can not log into my account the game says it is already connected
    pls help!

  • FearTheDeep -

    Hey dude, so I downloaded your most recent translation and it broke my game.
    I did what I was supposed to, and after making my character I watch the translated first story part then I get teleported to the tutorial island without seeing the green screen story part and then I can't do anything.
    I see my character idle, and I see chat moving. But I can't click or move or anything. It completely breaks the controls.

  • rustedzeus -

    hey gok ive been trying and trying to apply the english patch to my game and i followed your instructons and everything but its not working. any help would be appreciated

  • megacross -

    Hi GokUsama,
    I started a thread and it says something about being invisible until i get approval from a moderator. It is my first thread so i want to know what i have to do so others can see and share their opinions about the thread.
    Thanks. :)

    • Vyse -

      Activate your account via e-mail and wait.

  • Santocraft -

    Hello, the english patch HAD the Help window completely translated, but now is not (since the new launcher), everything is back to the... original language. Are you able to fix this please? Thank you.

  • IndiieZ -

    Hey can you give me a link for the English Patch? I cannot seem to find it

  • MasterW15 -

    Hey, sorry if I didn't find the correct thread, but I remember the english translations being a lot better than the current ones. Now there are a lot of skill descriptions writen in a pretty broken english, and the quests are affected too. I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this problem... I stopped playing for a while and when I came back I found the translations were pretty bad. Also, if I recall correctly, the game is now getting updated with the newest translations, right? The skill descriptions where pretty nicely translated, what happened to them? I am the only one seeing this? Thanks in advance.

    • GokUsama -

      The skill descriptions are still the same.. are you sure you are using the correct patch? If so can you provide frw screen shots of the bad english text on skills?

    • MasterW15 -

      Hey, sorry for not replying sooner, for some reason the forum never notified me. I sincerily don't know what's the problem with my game then, I reinstalled it, and even downloaded it again, and reinstalled it 2 times more with no change. I didn't add any patch, since I remember the launcher was supposed to have the english patch already added to the game, right? Or did they change that and I still need to manually put a certain patch? Anyways, I'm sending you some pics.

    • MasterW15 -


    • MasterW15 -

      And these are just some examples, quests are also very broken-english translated with exception of a lot of them that are entirely in chinese or something (which I also don't know if they are supposed to be in that language, since I see other people have these quests translated). I hope you can give me some kind of solution, thanks in advance!

    • MasterW15 -

      I just added the outdated (I think?) english patch from November to my game and now the translations are way better, but I should inform you that the launcher doesn't download the latest update from December, is this how it's supposed to be? Will they fix this problem? Or it's just me? I can't really see what may be the problem.

  • AsydBarrett -

    help me every time I open the launcher file is updated only 5/13 and I find it very annoying when you are supposed to and discharge

  • zafixghazali -

    Hi bro can you give me link to download Last english patch, thanks before

  • Ximiraku -

    Excuse me for troubling you, but I'm having an issue. I downloaded the patch but nothing seems to be changed. i did everything i was supposed to i think. When i try to start the language patcher program it flashes some text for less than half a second and then automatically shuts down, so I can't even read what's going wrong. Can you help?

    • GokUsama -

      youtube.com/watch?v=iWkrRubBk70&feature=youtu.be Try to apply the patch this way.

    • Ximiraku -

      It still didn't work. It's the same problem. I tried reinstalling it like 3 times too.

    • GokUsama -

      You don't have to re-install even if your patch messes up... all you have to do is open the launcher and start the game from there. Now the only thing I can suggest is that you should use the english patch on the launcher.

    • Ximiraku -

      I see. Thanks for your help anyways.

  • idriss -

    do i need to download all patches or just the last one

  • Coolity -

    m8 i dont know how to download the english patch you posted i see the thread but no link for the patch

    • Coolity -

      nvm i see it in the comments below lol

  • TravisBowen -

    When I start as a Human Spiritualist they don't speak english. Everything else is in english but the speach

    • GokUsama -

      there is a bug in the launcher... it will be fixed later on

    • TravisBowen -

      Okay! Thanks! :)

  • keni -

    Tengo un Problema en el juego
    De que le personaje mar Quedado atorado en Una parte del mapa
    Y no puedo salir soy keni

  • Silvercomet -

    I was trying to download the english update from your sticky but can't find out where to download it from? i see the updates but no download buttons -_-

  • kaelwar -

    Hey man i have a problem with my adult quest, alwayas on logged in appear quest failed :(

  • firefist333 -

    i thank you soo much for fixing my DBO problem thanks a TON

  • MKnance -

    Hey I thank you for your translation patches they are helpful but can you do crafting system next i want to be able to max it but i don't know what ingrediants i need etc because the craft recipe seller doesn't have english text and nor does the recipes or ingrediants

  • joe366052 -

    Wheres the download for the English patch. I can't find it x.x

  • Storm1245 -

    Hey, how Did u was 20 lvl instantly in your video? :)

    • Peedow-Senpai -


    • GokUsama -

      I work on the development server (Test Server) with GM commands. So it is easier for me to test things and translations are done quicker.

    • Storm1245 -

      U can even be lvl 70 instantly? :o

    • qwerty56578 -

      Yes but only for work in server

  • unrealsayian -

    check conversation plz i need help

  • unrealsayian -

    check conversation plz i got a huge problem

  • Storm1245 -

    U are awesome!!!

  • aritencio -

    I pm you about that different patch thing thanks in advance

  • KuramaHunter -

    Can you upload that localize pack on a different site plz? It says wait 7 hours or Buy a membership... :o