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  • ZirosomaTPG -

    Did u have any date for Fixing Time Rifts? i want to test it ^^

  • elmonster05 -

    hello my help

  • elmonster05 -

    hello, help

  • Wolfpack4691 -

    how do i fix username confirmation error

  • Wolfpack4691 -

    how can u tell when someone is online

  • kilerbee -

    Char SantoKiller message to the log: Character Connection Confirmation
    This character is currently connected, plea se try again later.

  • gohen1216 -

    Hey daneos I was playing the game but then I froze like the character and stuff was moving but I couldn't use any items and I couldn't exit battle mode so I exited out and I tried to log back in but know it says my character is in use can fix

  • XxRealReaperxX -

    Founder Access: xxrealreaperxx

  • pilato18 -

    I want to ask I have not ever played the game I want to buy founder pack....can i play the game later?

  • elmonster05 -

    hello my account dbo not grab in the game and does not log

    • AlSM -

      Hey did you buy the Founder pack? coz if not you cant sent the request to Daneos for activate you account in- game

  • elmonster05 -

    hello my account dbo not grab in the game or Login

  • Wolfpack4691 -

    founder access: Wolfpack4691

  • elmonster05 -

    hola me cree un cuent de dbo y no se me abre en el juego

  • tenku2244 -

    how do i get power up and stuff like that

  • jacky123klue -

    hi Daneos,i want to know when will test adult quest

  • natsu035 -

    when will be the game avaible for everyone to play for free ??

  • Gojan-Kun -


    will not let me create an account dboglobal.com/register.html . donot reason, but please , you could communicate , I want to be a founder, but I can not access that part because I do not have an account, from now hope your answer , thank you. plis,

    Gojan-kun ;)

  • Gojan-Kun -

    Hi , I'm from Argentina , I wanted to know if paying. could play their game and contribute my bit to help this game may come as soon as possible . I appreciate your time to answer as soon as possible . Thank you


    Hola So new Founder Pack, Could Enable my account, thank ussuario, guuh.

  • Loqued41 -

    Hello, i am a new founder, please could activate my account, thanks
    Username Loqued41

  • Guitou -

    Please can you activ my Founder account, username Guitou

  • lopus -

    hey, i would like to know some things before buying the founder's pack.
    if i buy it i will be able to play now?
    it doesnt look so clear for what i need to do to play it,

  • AlSM -

    Good Job I wish try asap. :DD

  • ragc222 -

    I want to activate my account please...

  • akumatokko -

    I've been waiting since yesterday and it still doesn't let me play even though I'm a krillin founder .

    • coelho155 -

      send him a private message with your user name on the game

    • AlSM -

      Me too wainting longer 2 days.

  • andygm92 -

    im just a new founder, pls activate my account

    • coelho155 -

      send him a private message with your user name on the game

    • andygm92 -

      at the chat window?

  • Sebir -

    Pls activate my account to

  • akumatokko -

    Can you activate my Account. I was trying to log in since i bought the Package and it just says "Username Confirmation". I hope you can respond as quick as possible. My name is akumatokko

    • carlosgraterol -

      It happened the same to me . Did you solve your problem ?

  • Zedka -

    Hello Daneos. I speak spanish but english i speak a bit bad, so recently i bought a krillin founder and i just can't obtain the title on Forum and i can't enter to server, but my name is in colour Gold. ¿What i have to do?

  • sexiafro -

    Hello. I just purchased a founder pack, but I don't have access to server just wait. Was told to send you a message about it. Same email and username as the forum account.
    The username is sexiafro, just to be clear on that:)