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  • Arumashi -

    Hi Vegetto, we added?

    • Vegetto -

      Aye :O:

    • Arumashi -

      Do you think if we follow the forum?

  • carterprnctn -

    hi I regisetered my user name and password and logged on to the forms site. but the game says my username does'nt exist.

  • Ayame -

    ~ :D

  • skyron21 -

    hi man
    I had a problem a while ago ... a doji I put on auction at 99kk. At the time of registering it was automatically sold in 2 zeni, the message I got a mailbox in automatic .. I took a photo ... I hope you can help me u, u pd: use google translator .. if you do not understand well an apology...

  • d71828182 -

    hello sir
    I have "Banker crash" can you check my account ?

  • colaxico -


    i reach lv30 and i press the item for the adult quest.
    i had to log out and when i logged back it showed me adult quest feild
    now even if i press the item i wil get adult quest feild..
    I dont no if it is a bug or something like it but i m kind off stuck there.

    can you help fix it??

  • FumaChan -

    Not probably a place to ask this, but i'm rather impatient.
    Is it ok to add a gif on my signature where a girl pokes woman's boobs with a stick?
    She's wearing bras so it should be fine, right? Or is stuff like that not allowed here?
    Thanks in advance -w-

  • megacross -

    Hi Vegetto,
    I started a thread and it says something about being invisible until i get approval from a moderator. It is my first thread so i want to know what i have to do so others can see and share their opinions about the thread.
    Thanks. :)

  • Theonekirito -

    Hello I need your help. The DB online server says error 404 and it isn't working. If you could tell me what to do that would be great.

  • LordBeerus -

    What's up man!

    • Vegetto -

      Just chilling, gaming it up =^.^=

  • Neisan -

    Sup vegetable >x> I c u stalking ~

    • Vegetto -

      Just stalking NeiNei ←w←

  • Alexandrucosmin -

    I have a big problem when connecting ...
    Do not open the game ...
    this is my facebook
    please give me message

  • PrideBerserk -

    Good, I wanted to ask what possibility there is to activate the event of dragon ball in the following hour?

  • algenis0412 -

    I would like to know if you can remove the bins?

  • Ayame -

    ~Graffiti's on your wall and runs away~~ D;

  • Neisan -

    Grats ;p

    • Vegetto -

      Thanks Nei (x

  • Jose Morles -

    Congratulations on your promotion to moderator Vegetto! <3

    • Vegetto -

      Thanks Jose. I'll do my best. Count on it ^^

  • SagChaos65 -

    Grats on moderator
    it didnt take too long :)

    • Vegetto -

      Thanks Sag. It's a great opportunity for sure c:

  • MarcosReturns -

    congratulations bro :P

    • Vegetto -

      Thanks Marcos ^^

  • xHotPockets -

    Congrats man I knew you'd get it some day :^)

    • Vegetto -

      Haha you did? You're too kind H xD Thanks though ^^

  • Shadowking547 -

    Why is there only 1 channel on the global server?

  • GXDSky -

    Because you are Vegetto. (?)

  • thunder2121212 -

    vegetto there problem time rift result fail execution failed something wrong with the game?

    • Vegetto -

      Time Rifts don't work. Neither do sub-class, adult quest or TMQs just yet

  • 1205092324 -

    I want to activate the account!Can you help me?

    • Vegetto -

      If you mean founders, you cant be a founder anymore since the packs were taken off. If you mean to register, register on the homepage, download the game and wait until pre-open beta starts

  • gohen1216 -

    How do you pick up the turtles

  • coelho155 -

    Hey I just brought a founders pack but I cant log in?? Do I need a special code or something hope you can help me

  • selfkaiHarness -

    Sup, Vegetto! Thank god i made my account months ago. By the way, i am worried that i might get an errore after replacing the XML file which means it crashes, can it work? (I am too scared to test it out now...)

    • Vegetto -

      You don't have to worry about it. It was the server but Danoes reset it so should be fine unless it starts messing up again

  • Yasuno -


    Sup bro!

    • Vegetto -

      Haha Sorry Yasu. I had no idea how to reply to this XD Just waiting like everyone else ~ You? :O

    • Yasuno -

      Just playing some Tree of Savior until this releases. Are you currently in game?

    • Vegetto -

      Ive been playing on the dev server ever since I got access months ago yeah but right now, the sever is down again

    • Yasuno -

      Nice well maybe if I am lucky to get in when it starts would you be down to play with me?

    • Vegetto -

      I would but I'm going to wait until all the madness is done and over with first