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  • Godun -


  • Jigglybuff -

    Well it's good to see that you're back as well :)

  • Jigglybuff -

    Yes I am also dutch, I'm sure we spoke from time to time back in the old days of KR / early TW.
    The ingame name by which I was known is the same as the one I'm using right now, Jigglybuff. Although in Korea you might've known me as Lilynette.

  • Supertao -

    Ah ok must be someone else then because that person had kind'of the same name and also what was your ingame name? Are you also dutch?

  • Jigglybuff -

    I do remember you from the dbocom forums, although I'm probably not the person you are looking for.
    I know Uiltje3, but we're not related.