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  • AsydBarrett -

    Help Launcher is not updated error 404 on the server

  • haroldj720 -

    hello kyra
    do you know why the server is offline?

    • Kyra -

      Just down I think, and daneos are offline

    • haroldj720 -

      ahh. i long you play this game?

    • Kyra -

      Since dev server xD

    • haroldj720 -

      haha. i dnt know that server

  • tsudart -

    hello kyra, do you have torrent file to download dbo? and if you have, can you send me? here just works google drive and mega :/

  • kroder -

    Hello good evening, you know that has happened to me something very strange , yesterday more or less as 16:20 charge 10 dollars (100 Cash Points ) in a few minutes enter the code you gave me pipiload enter it on the page and I dbo charge so normal, I entered the game would not come out , ask and told me to wait , wait until today , first saw the page and not Salian 100 Cash points , including the game also came out , wanted to know what happened with my cash points?

  • Jotah -

    U copied my dogi!

    • Kyra -

      lol u have this dogi too xD , i dont copy, i buy for 1 kidney

    • Jotah -

      mine 100% paint

  • Neisan -

    I love you too

  • aasung87 -

    i love you ~