swordsman build for lvl 70

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  • And with that, I am now going to lock this thread. It was a big mess to clean up with members initiating a flame war all over a personal build.

    To the members who broke rules in this thread:

    • aivaras007 - You initiated this flame war by not handling constructive criticism. Please in the future if you ask for advise on your build be respectful and remain calm even if you don't exactly agree with the opinion of what other members might say. It is your build, you are free to do what you like. However, we do not appreciate the double/tripple posting and the flaming which is why you have been banned, as that violates our forum code of conduct. Please approach the situation in a more mature manner next time.
    • Terrene - When you see another member post or starting to initiate a flame war and starts to post in an aggressive manner that is not acceptable on these forums, please report it to the mods. It is not acceptable for you to continue to flame Aivaras over his build. If he feels strongly about the issue and why he wants to use certain skills then there is no use trying to persuade him. Sometimes when a member is persistent in their build it is just best to let them be. They will learn in due time through experience.
    • Ultranovaxstyle - Please do not come into a thread labeling a members build as "trash' and then not providing any reasons/constructive criticism or point out the flaws you may see in their build . Please in the future also refrain from using words and phrases such as "trash". This is a form of flaming which provokes other members and didn't really contribute in this situation.

    Might I remind everyone that this is a forum and to remain civil. Here is the forum code of conduct. Please read over it carefully because this was an extreme case of members not being productive at all with their posts and instead just turned into a flame war through insults. This thread was a case of a clash of opinions, (which is fine) but what was wrong was it turned into flaming, which is why I'm closing this thread.

    Also a few points I would like to add:

    • Build discussion is about a players own decision making. When a player comes to post on these forums they do so asking for advise. If they choose not to listen to the advise that you offered they are free to do that. Granted it might be a wrong decision but its a choice that they are free to make
    • Some players are at different skill levels. Not every one is experienced and are on the same page. Which is perfectly fine. There are both experienced veterans and newcomers. This forum is for all members of the community and please be mindful/respectful of that. If someone doesn't have a good build it's most likely because they lack experience or haven't experimented enough.
    • Sometimes members like to test theories and invent new strategies/ideas and try to be innovative with their builds. I believe this is what Aivaras007 was aiming for, but just expressed himself wrongly when discussing his build with other members. Don't treat a member on this forum with disrespect just because they want to discuss theories and strategies they might have in mind. It is a part of the learning process for them, and if you have doubts as to why you believe their strategy isn't exactly viable then you can express that but do so in a civil manner. Remember it's a personal choice if they want to listen and take on board your advise, or completely disregard it.

    If anyone has any questions about this topic feel free to PM me.