[English] Dojo Scramble (Dojo War) Guide

  • Greetings to all members of the DBO G community,

    As some of you might be aware already, the next feature to be implemented into Dragon Ball Online Global will be the dojo war feature. The purpose of this guide will be to explain to all players in the community how exactly dojo wars work, what exactly is important about he event and why is it a fun event to participate in.

    Frequently asked questions about Dojo Scramble:

     What exactly is a dojo?
    A dojo in Dragon Ball Online is a guild base where only guild members can enter. Dojos are placed around the main towns and display the guild that conquered the dojo's logo ontop.
     How does a guild obtain a dojo?

    To obtain dojo, a guild must compete in a war/battle against a guild that currently own a dojo by issuing a challenge and then defeating the defending guild in a guild war (I will explain in greater detail on how to achieve this later in the guide). Only up to 30 members of each guild can enter and participate this battle, so it turns into a 30 VS 30 match. You do not have to have the full 30 in order to compete.

    What is Dojo Scramble?

    Dojo Scramble is a PVP event that occurs once a week. During this event is when guilds have the chance to apply and issue a challenge to a guild that already owns a dojo. Guilds that already own a dojo must fight during this period.

    How many Dojos are there in Dragon Ball Online?

    There are a total of seven dojo's in DragonBall Online.

    Where are the 7 Dojo's located?

    The seven dojos are located in the following main towns/cities:

    • Kokkara Village (Yahoi West - Human Starter Zone)
    • Snail Village (Porunga Rocks North - Namekian Starter Zone)
    • Bee Village (Fran Fran Desert North - Majin Starter Zone)
    • Korin Village (Korin Forest)
    • West City (Westland) NOTE: This dojo is located OUTSIDE of West City. You will need to exit west city (from the northern entrance) and head slightly North East to reach the dojo.
    • Buu Memorial (Yahoi East)
    • Mushroom Village (Mushroom Rocks North - Yellow Mushroom Map)

    How can my guild apply/what are the requirements for my guild to issue a challenge against a guild that owns a dojo?

    -Only the guild leader may issue a challenge against another guild. No regular member or jr master can.

    -A guild must have a minimum of 10 level 70 players in the guild to issue a challenge (**NEW CHANGE**)

    -A guild must have a minimum of 20 players online(***NEW CHANGE**)

    When can my guild issue a challenge?
    Dojo scramble will occur once a week. This will happen every sunday starting at 6PM (CEST)

    How many times per week can my guild issue a challenge?

    Your guild may only issue one challenge per week and only fight one war.

    What are the benefits of owning a dojo, and whats so special about one?
    Some benefits of owning a dojo:

    -Gives members personal space away from other players of the game, so they can exclusively enter an area with their guild members.

    -Access to a merchant that sells the Dojo Outfit Dogi (although this can be traded and obtained through the Auction House also).

    -The merchant also sells the dojo home teleport popo item. This item can be used anywhere in the world map and will teleport you to your dojo location.

    -Owning a dojo is a symbol of power. Only the 7 strongest guilds in the whole server are able to own and maintain one.

    -A guild that owns a dojo is able to seed 1 member in solo budokai. This allows that member to completely skip the preliminary round. NOTE: This feature is not functional yet in DBO G as there is no budokai event implemented at this stage.

    My guild doesn't want to fight.

    Thats perfectly fine, participating in this event is completely optional and is not mandatory for the challenging guild. However, if you guild already owns a dojo you ARE forced to fight every week until you lose the dojo. If you aren't prepared then chances are you will lose your dojo if the attacking team is better prepared.

    Every Guild that owns a dojo may decline one challenge request.

    If you own a dojo you may decline one challenge request by paying a fee (I will update the fee once the DBO G staff has decided what the price should be) If you decline the first challenge then you MUST fight your second challenge. If your guild was declined a challenge you will not be able to reapply for that dojo where you were declined.

    My guild conquered a dojo, can we apply for a second one?

    No. A guild is limited to only owning one dojo. This is to ensure fairness and to prevent the system from being abused.

    How long does my guild have to apply? Whats the duration of the event?

    The duration of the event is 2 hours long starting at 6:00PM CEST. Your guild will have 2 hours every sunday to apply.

    How To Apply (Issue A Challenge) For A Dojo:

    Step 1: The Dojo scramble event must be active for your guild leader to apply. If the event is not active your guild will not be able to apply. To know when the event is active, the following icon will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, indicating that you can now apply for a dojo:

    Step 2: Once the event is active, proceed to the Dojo Manager (located outside the dojo you wish to apply for)

    Step 3: Click on the Dojo manager. Once you have done that, it will take you to the below screen. Click on Dojo Info.

    Step 4: You will then proceed to the Dojo Infomation Screen. Click on the Battle Tab

    Step 5: Once in the Battle Tab, click on apply under Scramble section:

    Step 6: Your guild leader will need to pay a fee of 1,000,000 zenni (1KK) in order to challenge the dojo. If your challenge is declined you will not be eligible for a refund and will not have your zenni returned, so be sure to apply only if you are willing to pay the zenni. Click OK.

    Step 7: If successful your guild will be notified and you will go into the standby phase ready to fight.

    Basic Objectives:

    Attacking guild (The guild that issued the challenge):

    Objective: Their objective is to try conquer and steal the dojo from the defending guild.

    Spawn Location: The main entrance (south section) of the dojo.

    Outcome of the fight:

    WIN: If successful as soon as the battle has finished the attacking guild will instantly own the dojo and the defending guild will be forced to leave and are instantly kicked out. Your guild will have to defend the dojo the following week.

    LOSE: If the guild is unsuccessful then they will be forced to leave and will be teleported out. Better luck next time.

    Defending guild (The guild that currently owns the dojo):
    Objective: Their primary objective is to hold off and fend off the attacking guild so that they can secure and maintain their dojo. If successful the dojo will be theirs for another week and they will have to defend the dojo the following week.

    Spawn Location: The defenders spawn location is located at the North section of the dojo.

    Outcome of the fight:

    WIN: If the defenders are successful in the fight then they get to keep their dojo for another week.

    LOSE: If unsuccessful your guild will instantly lose the dojo and you will then be without one. Your guild will be teleported and kicked out of the dojo as soon as the war has finished. If you want to reclaim the dojo you will have to issue a challenge the following week.

    Rules of the dojo war:

    • The primary objective of the war itself (regardless of what side you are on) is to capture the dragon seals.
    • There are 5 dragon seals (statues) located inside the dojo.
    • Capturing the dragon seals earns your guild points.
    • The more Dragon Seals you have captured the more points your guild will score.
    • First guild to 500 points wins.
    • Time limit of the dojo war is 60 minutes (1 hour)

    Extra information:

    • Killing players DOES NOT earn your guild points. The purpose of killing other players is to slow down the opposing guild. This is to prevent them from capturing seals and to slow them down from scoring more points.
    • Any player in the battle may capture a seal.
    • If no guild reaches 500 points in the 1 hour time limit, then the guild that scored the highest amount of points wins.
    • To capture a seal every player will be given a Seal controller (Green egg) item in their inventory. Use this item to capture the Dragon Seals.
    • The spawn location for both sides will always remain the same throughout the fight.
    • If any player is caught bugging underneath the map they will be banned by the DBO G staff and disconnected from the war.

    Planning and strategy:

    Before entering a dojo war, it is recommended that every guild should devise a plan/strategy:

    • It is recommended that a guild sends its strongest members to participate in the war. Some guilds are compromised of level 70 players only, and if your guild does not consist of level 10 or more level 70 players then its going to be difficult.
    • Try to send a variety of different classes. A guild filled with just Swordsmen and Fighters will struggle against a guild that is made up of a mix of races/classes. The ideal guild will have a variety of classes at their disposal. A perfect balance of AOE, healers, buffers, tanks and DPS will increase your chances of capturing/securing a dojo and is beneficial.
    • As this is a PVP event, gear is important. Try to gear up for your best chance of winning.
    • Try to send the maximum of 30 players. The more players you have the chance of capturing/securing the dojo you have.

    I hope this guide will answer the majority of questions/queries for any veteran/new player to Dragon Ball Online.

    The DBO G Staff will be monitoring every war to ensure fairness between every guild. Please note that the rules can be subject to change at any time by the DBO G Staff, as this is only the pre open beta stage. I will also update the guide containing more information. Please do not copy this guide without my permission. Feel free to link and share this guide.

  • I didn't know this was about to come, is there a post somewhere?

    There was never an official announcement made, this is the first time it's been mentioned on the forums.

    Well done Tempest awesome guide.

    Thank you :saint:

    great guide one question I have tempest is if the guild that applied for a dojo scramble gets turned down for a dojo fight, can they resubmit a second time?

    Daneos said that he will make it that they will not be able to resubmit a second time. This is why we are still discussing and deciding what the actual decline fee should be. I will update the guide to contain this information.

  • There was never an official announcement made, this is the first time it's been mentioned on the forums.

    Thank you :saint:

    Daneos said that he will make it that they will not be able to resubmit a second time. This is why we are still discussing and deciding what the actual decline fee should be. I will update the guide to contain this information.

    great thank you for answer my question

    Due to the recent server update, Dojo war is now active in DBO G, and will occur every sunday starting at 6PM (CEST). Guilds will also need to have at least 20 members online and 10 of them need to be level 70 in order to issue a challenge. I will update the guide to contain this information.

    I also updated the guide to contain the steps on how to apply for a dojo (issue a challenge).

    Good luck to all the guilds that aim to conquer a dojo.