Daneos absent until 22/08/2017

  • Greetings everyone,

    On behalf of the DBO G Staff I would like to inform the community that Daneos is temporarily away and will return on the 22/08/2017. Because of his absence, this was the reason why the scheduled weekly maintenance update was preformed earlier than usual.

    Just a friendly reminder, if you have a problem that occurs in-game, on the forums or in general:

    • Please remember to submit a ticket to the Help Desk. This way a member of the support team can assist you.
    • You can always PM or message one of the DBO G Moderators (either on the forum, in-game or over discord).
    • Please always follow the DBO G code of conduct. This includes our Game Policy and Forum Rules.

    If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to message me.


    DBO G Staff