Long Duration Debuffs.

  • Cranes do not have res passive *cof cof* they hace res buff and they build full focus, dex crane is weird to see *cof cof*

    If I did say that I am sorry, I meant success rate passive and Resist buff, I never face community that knows how class is broken and refuse to do anything, but well.

    Looks like you never played crane at all since cranes gear with res + dex + resist buff.

    So bleed can be nullified and you want burn to get deleted too, nice. Whats next, quit swordmans crit? Quit healers heal? Doesnt look like you played Cranes bro

    Looks like you don't get anything huh?

    Buff duration of skills and power of skills in general soo that even with full anti bleed, it still last for 2-3 dot's dmg and it deals nice dmg instead of close rage burn skill solid bleed. Get it now?

    Then fight would turn into outsmart and not like this, long ass burn duration that can kill anyone.

    Sirab I know that defense in general isn't working since all dots should be based on def as it was before and not as state dmg in general.

    We were testing it on TW2, crane with full DEX would make critic dmg on someone and set critic dot's bleed of 1k or more.

    Same thing if you would have higher def, dot's would be reduced as well.

    Once again I will say and I won't post here, anymore.

    Crane Freeze and Karma skill lock, needs to me edited, either with 50% diminishing when is used in same fight, since most of you do not get, if you used 1st time, it will last 22 sec, 2nd time will be 11 sec, 3rd time 7 sec (as normal stuns last) ect etc with other stalling skills, KD, sleep, or as karma, confusion, KD, paral and shits, it is ENOUGH.

    Cheers and if you again complain about 1 broken skill from this 2 classes then I am sorry to even discuss with you people.

    You sure never played any other games than DBO and you sadly do not know what "challenging" fight it is.

  • why freeze shouldnt be touched in a bad way is because it already has its own trade off u freeze ur self along with ur target u wanna nerf this even more?

    let me tell u one thing if cranes were as op and as easy as u claim to be dbo lvl 70 cap and dbog right now would be flooded by cranes.

    i was expecting this class to be tweaked in a way to make it better not see someone say its op nerf it.

    yeah there has been enough talk already

  • The thing about Cranes is that they aren't a simple "point, click, and kill" class like Fighters, Turtle Hermits, and Shadow Knights. They require more skill, and since DBOG is primarily made up of new players I don't think they would understand how a Crane works right away...or just hate Tien. XD

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    BlazingClaw: Dark Warrior

  • Sirab I know that defense in general isn't working since all dots should be based on def as it was before and not as state dmg in general.

    i know that the "broken crane" topic is ended...but I only just remembered this so wanted to correct you asap...I've seen you made this mistake before...crane DoT always ignored def...even in TW...only DoTs that really took def into consideration was bold strike...and by logic...if you put all bleeds based on def, then they will also be based on weapon attacks, which means that upgrades will increase bleeds....and you can imagine that +15s will do...is that really a Nerf?

    And if you say that they should be based on def only and not be raised by attack...the same should be done for bold strike