Recruiting Forum Moderators!

  • Hello fellow Z-Fighters! We are currently looking to recruit ourselves 4 Moderator to help Improve our forum experience. Our moderator should strive to keep our forum clean as possible and making sure all forum members follow the Forum Rules. We need more hands on deck because as of today I will no longer be a Forum Moderator, Real life Event has lead me to make this choice. However with our Pre-Open beta coming out soon, This project still need as much help as it can get!. Increasing amount for forum members lead us to seek for Mature user who can help DBOG while our Dev strive to do the most Important task which is bringing back DBO!.

    If you like to Apply, Send
    Kirito a pm

    with the following format

    Screen Name:
    Language You're Fluent In?
    How can you help DBOG?
    If one of your friend broke a rule on our forum what would you do?
    Anything else you want us to know?

    -What I'm looking for is basically a user who been with us and have proven to be great role model in our community.


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  • So, we got several great applications. I'd like to thank every single one of you who applied. Unfortunately, we can't really recruit everyone, so we had to make a choice and I apologize to those who didn't make it. Some of these people were, in fact, good enough to become moderators and knew what it is to be one, but as I just said, there's simply too many to take in at this time. We were originally going to recruit 2 or 3 of you, but ended up stretching it out to 4.

    The new mods are: Vegetto, arubaru, RastaDonjuan and Serey.

    As per usual, they'll be in training/probation period, and you never know when a volunteer might back down due to being busy or for whatever reason, so we'll probably end up recruiting again in the future. So, if you still wish for a chance, stay tuned for that.

    Thanks again. o/