• Translation Update:

    -Re-wrote "character delete" UI with appropriate font size/colors.

    -Re-wrote "game exit" UI with appropriate font size/colors.

    -Re-wrote "get off vehicle" UI with appropriate font size/colors.

    -Added "dragon ball scramble join" UI font size/colors.

    -Changed "Disband Guild" UI message.

    -Changed location name (Mudosa -> Martial Arts Temple).

    -Changed some Budokai and DB scramble messages.

    -All Budokai panels/UI information should now be English.

    -Updated teleport to Mudosa village messages. (Costs Zeni to enter the village)

    -Updated Buff removal UI message according to the new update.

    -All English grammar on Budokai NPC dialogues should now be fixed.

    -Added better font to Budokai announcer messages and re-wrote the English.

    -Translated pet food buff description to English.

    -Translated skill debuff description to English.

    -Translated more quests and fixed some grammar on starter namek map.


    Info: Patch will be applied to the launcher later on so for those who want it now please download it manually.

    Just apply the update by patching the game from the launcher. Or download the patch manually, then extract and replace the "localize" and "pack" folder in your dbog folder and then run the game from "DBOGLauncher".