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    Recruitment Status: OFF

    We currently have an open spot (maybe two) to welcome a new moderator into our team!

    If you've been around during our previous recruitments, you already know how this goes. However, instead of sending me a PM this time, create a thread with your application in the Moderator Application forum section, answering the following about yourself:

    • Screen Name:
    • Age:
    • Availability:
    • Language you're fluent in:
    • How can you help DBOG and its community? 
    • How much experience do you have in the game?
    • If one of your friends broke a rule in our forum, what would you do?
    • Anything else you want us to know?

    Your application will remain anonymous and only the staff will be able to see it.

    What we're looking for is a user who has been with us for a while and has proven to be a great role model in our community. Having Discord is also needed.


    One item wouldn't affect the economy like that, plus the fact that no MMORPG nowadays makes resetting builds a cash shop-only thing (at least not that I'm aware of), so it would be great for everyone if the game adapts to this concept.

    Whether NPCs can reset everything for you or brown/green books get added to the Token Shop, both would help a lot and keep more people interested, instead of them feeling forced to start a new character if they screw up and realize that the amount of time they'd have to grind/farm Zeni to be able to afford a green book doesn't actually compensate.

    So, we got several great applications. I'd like to thank every single one of you who applied. Unfortunately, we can't really recruit everyone, so we had to make a choice and I apologize to those who didn't make it. Some of these people were, in fact, good enough to become moderators and knew what it is to be one, but as I just said, there's simply too many to take in at this time. We were originally going to recruit 2 or 3 of you, but ended up stretching it out to 4.

    The new mods are: Vegetto, arubaru, RastaDonjuan and Serey.

    As per usual, they'll be in training/probation period, and you never know when a volunteer might back down due to being busy or for whatever reason, so we'll probably end up recruiting again in the future. So, if you still wish for a chance, stay tuned for that.

    Thanks again. o/

    I was really interested in Soul Worker years ago. Then I found out it was another instance-based game with pre-made characters/gender-locked classes. Hopefully, someday, they'll make an open world MMO that looks as good as this or Peria Chronicles (and that one is based on relying on summoned creatures, so.. meh).

    i still think upgrade system is pure trash and maked only for waste money after i try new rates,can't get past +8 with 10 stones pure,so well i was right,like i was guessing ;)

    Because, again, you're supposed to use white stones at that point. If they didn't exist or were hard to get like the original, then it would be p2w for sure, but since we're supposedly going to be able to get them from drops, then that changes everything. You're going to have to wait until you're able to farm them.

    Ah, yes, BlaKa, of course. lol

    Well, I personally still think that's way too easy/spoonfeeding, especially with farmable white stones, but thank you for your feedback. I'm sure Daneos will take it into consideration if he decides to make any new changes to this.

    we will see...i still thinking downgrade is a stupid thing,will be better other methods(more stones or item dropped from dunegons).Dude i was one of best kr players,and u think i m not knowing mmorpgs?funny XD

    It's nice that you played in KR. I was there too, went through the best guilds and never heard of your name, to be honest. Well, that doesn't matter anyway. The point is that we've been all fighting in this thread for a non-p2w system, where items wouldn't break, while avoiding it to become "too" easy, since a lot of people also want a challenge and to keep +15 something to be earned. We finally got the item break to be removed and then Daneos made those rates based on how the majority here reacted/replied. Maybe a tiny bit easier rates wouldn't hurt, but too much would make upgrading a joke.

    The system right now, after being tested, seems fair enough. Depending on how it goes, if it ends up not working out well and being too unfair, then it will be adjusted again in the future. We're still not even in Open Beta yet, so there's still a lot more things to add and change until then.