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    grand chef suck unless you max everything, but if even then your still garbage compare to ever other class go ultimate you will have a better time overall

    if grand chef had that skill to eat debuff and remove stuns and a un-nerf ep drain skill it would make them as decent compare to a ultimate

    You should realize that the most upgrade stones are obtained from farming and not from the wagu machine.

    That is the reason why people are suggesting to decrease the drop rate back to normal.

    people are only suggesting that because player have to grind to level up because all most of the quest on papaya still don't work and the only way to level up is to grind on mobs, so people are having trouble because level 70 player are grinding non stop stealing all the mobs from players trying to level up.

    I don't think you will make zeni with Kraken if it is tradeable. They will be really cheap after some time. Why? Because good players will have alot of rings on their banks and they will sell it for a cheap price.
    Kraken takes only around 5min with a 99% legendary drop rate.

    it not suppose to be 99% legendary drop rate in the first place it never was in retail dbo. It will be profitable once they fix the drop and bugs with the boss, basically making it profitable and harder to complete

    If you make it possible to unbind then after x days no one will do kraken anymore because you can always trade / buy your accessoirs. It's the same with gear. No one goes to papaya to farm gear because the items can't break when you upgrade it that means the total count of gears is not reducing while it is increasing because of farmers or cashers (boxes).

    That is literally destroying PVE

    People will still do it if its profitable to sell the drops. Right now people will do it until there character is gear up and that it they wont do it anymore because there no point unless they want to help their friend gear up. Give it 2 months you won't be able to find a party for these dungeon because it a waste of time for people who already have the unique item from it. Making the drop trade-able will make it worthwhile for PVER who want to make zeni from PvE. Right now you literally can't make any type of real zeni from endgame PvE.

    I know about that but people can always use method this to scam innocent players since this type of trading is base on trust. It would be better if you can actually trade the item through the trade menu or place it in a private shop.

    As the title said, so player can actually sell them to other players. I know it wasn't like this in the original game, but I found it be pretty stupid and inconvenient for classes that aren't needed for this types of dungeons. For example I would never be able to find a party as a grand chef unless I have at least 1 or 2 friend with me in the party, because how inefficient it would be to take a grand chef instead another E.attack DPS

    I wanna know why this thread started as "Why DBOR hates DBOG"
    But it turned into "Let's flame the GM's and Mods", "DBOG is P2W even if it's not"

    because it related to the OP post if u go back and read it

    Why are you repeating yourself and ignoring half of my post? I said there are other options available AND that the wagu wagu machine could use some tweaks.

    You are demanding communication but it's a two way street, you should listen / read to what I say too in order for us to communicate.

    I Ignore it because you said cash shop is still less P2W after providing solid proof that it IS with multiple people claiming that it is P2W

    I could of gotten like 3-5 billion tops with $30 within like 5 minute compare to what you did over a course of a few day. I could of also farm on top of this too but i don't really need to if i can drop $15 instead.

    I don't know why people are acting clueless about the P2W issue that wagu machine brings. It very obvious that the wagu wagu machine gives a HUGE advantage over Free 2 players I got around 3b from 10 wagu I could of got more if i didn't use another 10 wagu coin on the first wagu machine. here a video

    2. No one told us before hand especially how throughly you guys was for months about it too, then you guys just added like here "we're doing it, I know we said we weren't going til open beta for like 8 month straight, but we're doing it anyways!" Do not you see the problem with that?

    Communication & talking to your fan base is keys to making a game successful and grow especially with a community of this size, that key into making a great community game instead doing w.e u guy are doing now.

    It's something difficult to explain and i prefer not to go into details, but how you are so sure that if he has been able to add the floor 0-100 can also add the floor 101-150 at the same time? The same with the BIDs lvl 70. The things don't work that easy.

    Regarding the level 38 cap are just a rumors, we have not confirmed anything that will start with the level 38 cap, we just said that there will be lvl cap at the beginning of the Open Beta, but we didn't say which one.


    Your saying how do I know this stuff? When he was working on it he said floor he won't add til open beta because he felt like working something else instead 101-150. This is back when Daneos was very active in discord.

    Okay level 38 cap a rumor but my point still stance, because we're still starting off with level cap regardless what it may be. It was so Daneos could fix the end game content.

    Also the UD? The Cellx UD is working right now the only thing he had to add is the boss and mobs. It is that simple especially for UD that take 2 minute to get to the boss. I'm fine with the BIDS being tested now though it just the fact that you tell your community members something for almost more then a year then do the opposite without announcing it to community. Do you not see a problem with this?

    In my opinion they should test everything. And by everything i mean also everything related to end game content such as CC150, kraken and cell-x. Don't wanna see them not testing it and end up with bugs in open beta which will be abused to get the sh*t easy. There are alot of ppl with high upgraded EQ that can test these things. The problem is that even if there is a bug, not many will report it cuz they might plan to use that bug in open beta. And to make sure this doesn't happen, they should give some time to let us try out everything.

    daneos could of easily finished cc150 when he released cc100 same with kraken, cellx, plus that wasn't even the plan that was stated by daneos and his moderators AND the fact that we're starting the level cap at 38 to give the daneos time to fix the remaining content. It just bad business and marketing strategy stalling progression and content, especially not following through with the original plan AND most importantly not listening to the community at all on certain stuff. People are just going to end up leaving/ quit playing.