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    if we look at other MMOs we will see that they have 4 roles tanker / DPS / buffer / healer

    that each role or class is important for the party in any dungeon.

    what if we made an auto joining party system that make each role or class fulfill the party needs and can only join the party by clicking on UD instance or BID instance and register ?

    there such a thing already in the game but no one never uses it because many folk don't know about it

    I dont think it's the formula I just think the craft armors E def on both human's and majin's is god awful in PvP.

    I believe Kyra because he had shown a video a few months back of him testing damage difference with +15+14+13+12+11+10... etc armor sets. I think he put that video on unlisted but yeah the difference with higher armor upgrades is minimal, but maybe your also right too since the e.def on majin crafted armor is awful compare too TMQ6&7

    Sadly with this terrible "meta" if you're not an SK you cant reach good anticrit without green ccbd aura, and this properties update is meaningless too since if one crit lands on you, you still are in big trouble, regardless of the N prop ignoring global props removal. Also I dont get why Tempest deleted my last post, new players will come with new ideas and opinions. That's fact, get triggered but it's fact.

    I'd like to add as well that Jocer who was considered the best foreigner fighter in lvl 70 TW sv 2 always said, "A good fighter usually only loses to a SK and another fighter." This of course was when N property ignoring props was still a thing, so why is the team trying to buff SK even more? (They said this update was for tanks and used fight vs sk as an example) Another reason why 1v1 balance is doomed if only the team balances things.

    the anticrit formula is weird you actually have 3 less anticrit(daneos deleted that ongoing update thread he had so I can't tell you the actual formula) then you actually have, and I get crit on way to much with 50% anticrit with people who have less then 40 crit rate

    capping properties to 26% is the similar to having prop 0.5 because 2x13prop earrings would = 13 props + 13 prop ring which is actually 6.5% would equal 19.5% props, and capping it at 26% would only increase overall attack & def by 6.5% which isn't alot at all and does barely nothing to stop the 1 hits from fighter. I meant to type this in my other post but forgot 2

    Yes, it will be better (for you and me and ainttoxic) but not for others especially players who are used to the actual meta they'd say the damage is insanely stupid and stone drop rate is nearly impossible not because it's bad it's because they get used/adapted to the previous update.

    You still can try it, watch videos from Sendoku he made it just for people like you to learn and have ideas and at the mean time you can wait until it gets a buff.

    I gave Sendoku my resistance build setup and show him da wae for that class awhile back way before pre open beta dbog was a thing if he would like to admit or not, trust I know how to play the class too lmao

    this is only actually picture I can find of my crane (this HK btw)67cf88_479cbc1348aa45c7974f6d44fcdaaf92.jpg

    For you it was awful for others it wasn't, maybe we should create a server based on what you like just for you but i'm afraid it's not possible.

    yeah me and like 50 other peeps that that voice their opinion in that other thread. I'm looking for the dbo server that the same as retail dbo. I think some guy that goes by the name of daneos said he was making something like that idk

    Changes will be made in the future, cranes will raise again but 1 thing for sure you will see a similar thread like this talking about how bad the update is because of crane buff.

    That cool and I'm looking forward to it since it was one of the class i was looking forward to play actually again since og dbo, but I doubt that because I never saw any thread in the first place before the nerf happen because everyone knew you had to invest a lot zeni and time into a crane to be actually good with it.

    Also you guys had awful reason to nerf that skill in the first place and which none of those reason included or address the skill for PvE, which people pointed out to you guys and you guy just seem to brush it off and ignore it.

    Armor bind update was awful and I never stole anyone items I bought it with real monies, then other thing happen because of other people which led to him spamming my name in trade chat because dude had a picture of one of my character trading him.

    Anyways the Burn defense stats works now but cranes thousand slash is still nerfed so I'm assuming you guys just forgot you heavily nerf cranes after burn defense was up and running again.

    The main thing is about the team is that you guys don't listen to feedback at all you guys say you do but you don't. This same props thread was made like twice 7 months ago when the first actually update happen, then after that maybe like 5-8 thread got created. here 2 for example My case for global properties Property and dmg broke.


    Thousand Slashes nerf thread Why nerfing 1k slashes? You guy didn't take any feedback from that thread and them you guys decided to closed it even though no one was going off topic neither was anyone flaming anyone. Therefore the crane class was heavily nerfed and was never touched again. Also you guys had awful reason to nerf that skill in the first place and which none of those reason included or address the skill for PvE, which people pointed out to you guys and you guy just seem to brush it off and ignore it.

    Armor Bind update This Needs to Be Said

    This thread had over like 100 replies in the same day the thread was made and you guy still went through with that update

    Thanks for the feedbacks, i will discuss with the developer and the rest of the team about this subject and hopefully we will resort to a valid decision that will make the players satisfied even though there will be always few unsatisfied people.

    a lot of people were unsatisfied with the prop update in the first place since it was just a plain nerf then got made into a huge buff for non dps class.

    It's the same to have 19.5 (with full prop) to have 26 (13 *2)?

    It's the same 6.5 prop than 13?

    If you get to the limit, there are other jewelry you can use.

    Capping it would mean you wouldn't get any benefit from ultimate 18 prop buff. The problem is the fact that people would still get 1 shot from fighters or w.e. read what echoson said on the first page

    I figure It was same thing that led to thousands slash nerf too. I want to know who is deciding these awful updates and won't take feedback consideration from the community it can't be daneos the dude barely ever touch retail dbo

    capping props to 26% is the same as having prop as 0.5 : 0.5 it won't slove anything.

    Fix the damage on skills, like a new damage and defense formula

    exactly this they need to find a better damage and defense formula instead messing with properties, Its obviously not the right solution to balance classes