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    * Updates

    - Martial Artist Tournament Counter

    - Enter party after teleporting into the tournament arena.

    * Fixes

    - Party Tournament: "The registration period isn't active." issue


    Im not really a fan of doing events to sell cash points cheaper. In my opinion only money-hungry companies do that. So I don't really wanna do it.


    * Updates

    - Dragon's Punishment healing now based on state offence(old energy offence)

    * Fixes

    - Bind of some items. (update client required)

    - Old Equipment which had account bound are now character bound

    - Issue with drop system

    * Other Updates

    - Slot Machine top reward

    The server maintenance finished and the server is back online



    we are going to have a server maintenance starting at 11PM (UTC+1).

    This week there won't be much changes due to ongoing work on the party-budokai which will be released on 23th november.

    Estimated duration: 30 Minutes.


    Update: Budokai solo adult is 6pm (18 o clock).

    Remember: Timezone has been changed, but the server time does not change. The server time is UTC + 2.

    In some countries the time does not change either, but if your time changed, then make sure to remember that the events will be one hour earlier than usually.

    * Updates

    - Insert Property Ball into a Dogi has a 20% chance to fail. When failed, no new stats will be applied.

    - Dogi Property Ball and Seal Coins from Pandora's Box Lv 1 until Lv 11 drop chance decreased.

    - Skill: Scintillation from swordsman is now removed once all guaranteed guards were used.

    - Dash and Guard cooldown is now reduced by character cool reduction stats.

    * Fixes

    - DOT damage is 0 when successfuly breaking targets guard

    - LP/EP recover upon receiving damage

    - Dragonball Scramble kept restarting when the event was over within the event time.

    - Rare Dogi Ball added to Pandora's Capsule Lv20 (floor 100) with a 100% receive chance.

    - Unable to use pleasant feeling during kaioken

    - Skill: Storm never applied the Confusion.

    - EP/LP stays the same % after losing/receiving a buff that increases/decreases the max EP/LP.

    - 100% immunity against fear and confusion during Thunder.

    - Possibility to join someone elses Party without invite.

    - Skill: Instant Transmission

    -- Could not be used when both players are in different parties.

    -- Could not be used on party members that have one or multiple scramble balls.

    -- Could not be used to teleport to party members that have a scramble ball.

    * Other Updates

    - Adult and Kid Tournament now starts automatic

    The maintenance finished and the server is back online

    * Updates

    - TOP 10(5) of slot machine changed

    * Fixes

    - DOT damage is 0 when successfuly breaking targets guard

    - LP/EP recover upon receiving damage

    * Updates

    - Max curse resistance bonus capped to 60%.

    - Equipment Box added to HOPE-02 NPC's (Spawned after defeating a underworld invasion boss) for 4 Dark Devil's Gold Coin and 10kk Zeni.

    - Added 10k Zeni fee to all gamble NPC's which require Mudosa Points.

    - Amount of seal coins from pandoras box adjusted. Max Amount increased by 2 every 10 stages.

    - Skill: Dragon's Punishment.

    - Abdominal and Poison defence now a bit weaker.

    -- Slot Machine

    - Rank 1-10 reward now depends on how many capsules are left.

    - After each slot machine usage, the capsules are decreased and refilled once 0 capsules reached.

    * Fixes

    - Possibility to equip sealed equipment without unsealing it first.

    - Movement stopped when falling from arena.

    - Offence Property in necklace.

    - Stacking unbound items with bound ones.

    You guys do know that Quick Attack will always work if the enemy is in range, however if you are 100% immobilized (100% movement speed reduction) means you won't be able to move, but the stun will still go through, because Slow is not Hesitation from Karma Majin. The bug that you can see in Sendoku's video is not the stun going through, it's the teleportation right in front of Sendoku, even though the MA shouldn't be able to move from his place.

    The issue is, no one can really tell what the bug is.

    1. Was it a bug that the stun has been applied, while the attacker did not even reach the target?

    2. Was it a bug, that the attacker did not get close to the target?

    My opinion:

    Since the quick attack is a dash skill, and everyone knows that the dash range gets affected by the slow you have. The attacker should not even be able to use the quick attack skill unless he has enough movement speed to reach the target.

    Yet its still a question, would it be too op?

    Fixing this issue requires a lot of time and testing which is not worth to waste on right now.

    * Updates

    - LFG and Trade chat now has a cooldown depending on level. Below 10 = 10 seconds & below 30 = 5 seconds. Everyone else 1 second.

    - LFG & Trade chat below lv 5 is no longer possible

    * Fixes

    - Issue that could crash the channel after CCBD

    * Updates

    - Dogi ball stats increased a bit because they were too low

    * Fixes

    - Token Shop / NPC Shop exploit

    - Some missing binds

    - All Token shop items are now character bound