Recommended Maintenance 04-Jan-18 & Open Beta Announcement


we are going to have a server maintenance starting at 10PM GMT +1.

* Fixes

- Kaioken decreased the attack speed.

- A small issue when sending friends infos.

- EP, LP and RP Balls being deducted when failed using a skill.

- Possible getting cc'ed during "Shout" usage.

* Other Updates

- [WEB] Guild Ranking

- [WEB] See all "Donations"

Since Christmas and new year is over, there will be much more time available to be spent on DBOG.

Im going to focus now on updating the ranking system, a bit more webste & forum stuff and fixing bugs of course.

I'd also like to announce that DBOG is going Open Beta on 1. March 2018.

Server maintenance finished


  • hola chicos que pena molestarles verán soy nuevo en el juego y no tengo mucho conocimiento ....visito el foro para preguntarles las personas que no hemos comprado el paquete fundador o algun tipo de cash perderemos nuestro progreso en el juego despues del 1 de marzo de antemano mil gracias a todos
  • March 1st huh? Things shall be interesting.
  • There's lots of things to talk about when it comes to open beta. Hahaha people seem to only notice the "bugged part" of the game.

    I won't point out the things wrong with the game, I want to take the stand by saying, thank you to all the staff that has actually done something and not just critique the way things work.
    Nobody is perfect guys and specially, a game isn't going to be perfect. But I'm glad that people like Hardlock, Aru etc. and of course, Daneos work everyday to make the game better, even now there are things that are better than the original game imo.

    Thank you guys, sincerely, you've given me back the very good memories I had while playing this game. I can't say nothing less.

    I profoundly believe this will be a great year for DBO global.
  • Finally! I can't wait. I hope the remaining bugs ll be fixed during the open beta.
  • - Still not all NPC loaded(West City Map), Mushroom North & South Maps and Papaya of course)
    - Exp reward not like TW/HK - maybe you want it that way(nut sure) in TW/HK you got less exp if you had 6 level difference. not 5 like here..
    - Still can stuck in autoattack if mob if mob are on a little hill or a little outside of autoattack range
    - UD 3 first room you still loose all mobs aggro if you step on the beatle props(near the beatle eggs)
    - Ball and Spin skills get still bug if you pick up an item while you use them.
    - Passive of Crane does not work right and makes this class useless
    - Poko lost over 30% of the e attack because of soul nerf - that makes 2 passives and 1 main skill of them useless and reduces them to: Hey give me speed!
    - Also does Poko pet give exp now if they kill the mob for you?
    - Droprate of low level U Stones is still not like retail. Lower U Stones had way higher droprate there..
    -AH still bugged. If you try to sort the stuff u sell, you see the stuff others sell and have a cancel button there! Also if you have 10 items for sale it gives you 2 sites instead of 1. If you click on 2nd site it is empty and you go back at 1st site - that also is annoying if you wanna buy stuff. Also still no "search" funktion and "sort" is still not correct.
    - Some dungeons still buggy, if you die in there and get revived..
    - If you get dc in dungeon you are back outside after relog. In original you where in dungeon after relog, and your party had 15 or 20 seconds to reparty you before you are teleported outside..
    - Privat Shop still at 1kkk max instead of 999k.
    - RP bonus not correctly added to the DoT skills. Some of them should increase the power of the DoT, but the increase the base damage, makes DW's bleeding skill useless. 110 bleed on lvl 4 + RP..? Not in TW/HK
    - Monster Props are still not right, most mobs hit still to hard and get to little damage - try to play PVE with + 5 or +8 weapons, not +15!
    - still not BOT or Anti-AFK Check 90% player on the server are "AFK" because they farming Tokens, but atleast the servers are "crowed".. yes with players afk.. Nice! I saw players with 6 afk accounts there.. cool!
    - confuse/anti confuse still not fully working -> see anti confuse gear + RP problem
    - players can bug "EVENTS" with HTB's on summoned Bosses.
    - sometimes you collect "0 Zeni"..
    - some buff that should effect NPC's like "+ speed" on that slow walking camel on lvl 46 map or heal on bus NPC's dont work..
    - bus system don't work..
    - mobs can hit you even if you are 70m away from them..
    - if you jump and then use dash with your mouse you will run back to the place you jumped after dash is finished..

    Thats all i encountered the last 5 days and remember for now. So still a long way to go. I would be suprised if you can fix it all until 1.3. so.. suprise me! I hope you can. Good luck!
  • Tree Quest in korin still bugged kappa...
    Fighters can still hit needles from 20+ meters kappa...
    That trailer uses voicelines from xenoverse kappa...
    Though I am a bit excited about the fact that you showed frieza's TMQ in the trailer, does that mean that will be added? I know you don't havr the propper engine but wouldn't that be a bit misleading T-T
    • Hello,
      1: We are aware and are going to be fixed, we have two months to fix things.
      2: ...
      3: We know, I don't think there's any problem.
      4: They are cinematics of TMQ7.
  • game still has alot of bugs. idk about that..
  • Fighter tp skill and dende tp are bugged :(
    Pet tp not tested still...
  • How irresponsible to give a date when the game is still polishing what will happen if you do not get to fix all the errors or worse than this to get the beta and leave bugs +15 you will reset first polish the game all the errors from there get a date
  • Will the game restart now, or only in the final version? This is the question of many people.
    • Beginning of Open Beta will be the last reset.
  • and about the cash shop? all the cash go refunded?
  • balance classes?
  • if they is going to be a level cap pls Add more quest in Papaya and Finish the Bug quest
  • Sucks to be a bugger! XD
  • RIP those who had illegal +15 items and bugged dogi stats.
  • No way! Wow!
  • Till 1 of March will you fix the quest´s ?!