HotFix 05-Jan-18


we are going to have a server maintenance starting at 10PM GMT +1.

Estimated duration: 10 minutes

* Updates

- "Brainwashed Bean Saibaman" which attack trunks in TMQ 1 are now immortal.

* Fixes

- Accept quests in TMQ.

- Movement speed of some objects.

Hotfix maintenance finished


  • To Daneos Can you fix it ?

    i had upload HKDBO 95/F &100/F Boss Picture !
    • interesting, it is best to send a ticket.
  • Can you fix it !
    Dende Aggro easy to rise .
    The Boss Dodge too high.
    The Boss of movement speed like 400%
    • ha ha,
      that's normal, that's how it should be
  • Hello, please that you can sell the jewelry of Kraken and cell, only earrings and necklace, thanks,
  • Please FIX The coupon +12 upgrade armor and weapon we really need it to do some quest alone , when we use it in Upgrade Merchant its lagged .
    • Those upgrade coupons are disabled.