New Maintenance 11-Jan-18


we are going to have a server maintenance starting at 12PM GMT +1.

Estimated duration: 30 Minutes.

* Fixes

- Channel crash issue

- Loading screen when reviving on spot/teleporting short ways.

- Escort Quest "An unending predator" from Goods Merchant Pikaria.

- Escort quests correctly failing.

- Seal Coin from Cash Shop can not be stacked with Seal Coins from CCBD reward.

- EXP Pot duration not showing after the item has been enabled.

-- Budokai Prelim

- Player did not get revived when getting killed by reflect.

* Known Issues

- Movement system with vehicles


Server maintenance finished and the server is back online


  • Hello God Daneos, please can sell items of kraken and cell please.
    to have more trade in the game.
  • ciao Daneos
    ho alcune domande per te.
    ma è vero quello che ho letto?
    la open Beta si terrà il primo di marzo?
    ma tutti i PG?
    che fine faranno?
    i soldi spesi?
    le sfere droppate?
    attendo una tua risposta.
  • Can u pleas fix the dodge and hit rate of cc95 boss pleas ?