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  • Hello, why hasn't my account been on the dragon ball?
  • hello can you check the conversation I started with you ..thanks
  • por que no me deja registrar me registro y es como si no escribiera nada ayuda ya que si no, no puedo jugar
  • Please recheck i have 56 posts right now and when you deleted my post i have like 53 or 52 posts.
  • this is annoying,paysafecard takes too long,its a simple serviçe, or its because its the first time buyer?can please solve it?thank you,kk desperate to buy xp etc
  • hey quick question just want to know why you have deleted my post on the <Giveaway #3> thread from Roli i didn't says nothing bad i have just suggest a idea i was not participating i was not able seeing that i was not having 50 post
    • Read the rules next time please.
    • like i said i didn't not participate because i was aware of the rule that you must have 50 post to participate i was just suggesting a idea seeing that some ppl have not read the rule that's all
  • hy can you tell me why you delete my post with my Ign and lucky number on the 3rd giveaway of Roli?
  • Hello I wanted to ask how long a deposit with Paysafe card takes!?
    there was something from 5 minutes but now it is 24 hours.
    Would be nice if you could see what it is. Thanks
  • When is the next update?
  • Cough Cough , :D
  • When you become a GM and now your more important and in control of all of the average joe's like myself in the fourms
  • Would you like to know when to open the team, the first martial arts Congress?
  • Hi there gm erza keep up good work
  • TMQ7 mobs spawn instantly and kill you while you watch the cutscene (bug)
    • Thank you for reporting i will make sure to let the devs know about it so they can fix it as soon as possible.
  • One person I respect. definitely, It's Es
  • 我玩游戏怎样老是掉线 求
  • I have a problem I have 20 € psc charged but no coins why?
    • Make a ticket in the ticket support i will help you from there.
  • hi :) can u tell me why kaioken now slowing attack speed ? ssj is broken cause give 20% a speed so ppl who have 15% in dogi got speed cap without karma 0_o
    • Kaioken gives 5% attack speed.
    • no mam go to game and test it , i have more attack speed without kaioken , plst go and test and u will see
  • Because the price of the items is so expensive at the beginning the dogs cost 8kk and to create a guild 200k of zeni now 20kk of zeni this is lack of respect, want to kill us to play!
    • Nope, enter a random dungeon and drop any stone. You will get more than 1kk if you sell it in auction house.
  • Hi behaviour your can help me, with one problem pls T-T?
  • tengo bugg la mision para hacerme adulto que hago ya la cansele y ahora no me aparece el itms en el inventario de items de la misiones y cuando le doy al pañuelo rojo me dice mision fallida que puedo hacer
  • Ever since downloading the most recent patch my character has a blank blue face with the same shade of blue hair, how do I fix this?
    • You have to download the game from scratch, mods corrupt the game after every update.
  • hi sir. i left the game for like 1 week and now when i open launcher
    the start icon won't light on and no update or something shows up
    what to do
    i re download the game and re install it as Hardlock said but still same problem
  • sorry if i repost here but i don't now how to use forum. i'm here because i'm so angry about two players that came in my zone ( i came in that zone from 00 of yesterday and i never stop plaing.) and this two player offend me with bad words and steal my mobs. i can't change ch because i have casting ssj and they won't change because are kids. please take improvements. players name "STRONGER" "IIscreamboyII" thank you
    • solved but i've lost potions and boost exp for wasting time :/
  • do not solve that problem now is another I have my account and everything opens the Dragon Ball Online Laucher I hope to load load I give in star me load I write my user name and my password and then when I will do the first mission to travel to the future with truks will come out and something appears to load and appears above ?????????????????????????????
  • Behaviour huh ? EsDeath better :/
  • Hey, I'm from Venezuela because I can not comment on the ticket?
  • ajuda help
  • -poke-
  • Can you tell if the armor (from the spheres request) Comes according to your lvl or pre-defined? if so what lvl to use it?