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  • Thanks, I created the site is getting good, it is in Brazilian Portuguese Language, just joining all mod and help. an Excellent Idea for others to create a website with other languages. I really liked your Mod too.
    • Thank you, and thats a great idea of creating that site. I'm sure it will become a great success.
  • Hey my dude i just have a little question, why did you left DBOG Discord coz someone said were too corrupted? 8|
    • Nothing is corrupted. There is nothing wrong with the dbo community.
  • and wats the code for the dragon stick lvl58
  • wats the code for the panther stick cuz i wanna switch mine one for that one
  • Hey gogeta
  • Help: Lord I am very fan of dragon ball and everything, and I would like to play this game but I register and nothing, I have Dragon Ball Online Global downloaded but when I create all my account and I am going to get to play nothing that grabs says the name of user does not exist
  • Akame-sama Meets Kale! <3