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  • Hello! I have problems to register .. help!
  • hello, the server is in beta and will reset all the accounts ? or are ready ?
    • Hi Misaki,
      Yes the server is currently in Pre Open beta. After Pre Open beta is finished, all the account progress will be wiped and we will move into Open Beta stage. For open beta everyone will keep character progress and nothing will be wiped. We are not ready for open beta stage yet and we will announce in the future when the server will be ready for Open Beta. For now there are still features and formulas to fix.

      I hope this answers your questions if you have any more feel free to ask


    • ty (^ ω ^)
  • Hello maybe you could help me out! i was playing dbo 10 mins ago and now whenever i try to login to my account i'm receiving some kind of error that say ( Server ) ( you are disconnected) any clue what could it be?
    • Are you running the game through the launcher and as admin?
  • can you chack out my support ticket replay thank you :)
  • Hi, d

    The reason for the ban is to spread the virus, but I don't understand what that means. Can you explain it to me? Or give me the lift ban, I will participate in the team competition, buy some props, I have done wrong things in the past, please forgive, thank you.
    If I lift my account ban, I will provide the bug in the game.?
    My id is a TuxedoMask?
  • Even if the police arrest is to have evidence
  • As a dbo player I think you give the reason is very unreasonable I can not accept
  • I think you have to give me a reasonable reason to block
  • TuxedoMask is my friend's id Why is his account blocked with unreasonable reasons? I feel that this is unfair and there is no evidence that he has to use the virus please you to unlock his account or give me a reasonable evidence Thank you, please reply to me as soon as possible

    A player from Taiwan for a friend's request
  • I am a player from Taiwan Why does my friend's account be blocked by an unreasonable reason?
  • Hello, when I put my account name and password I close the game. because it can be?
    • Hi Allzafer,
      Sorry but I do not understand what you are trying to say. When you put in your account information you are unable to log in? Is that what you mean?
    • Of course, when I press enter, the game window closes
    • Are you running the game as admin and starting it through the launcher?
    • yes
  • I have a problem I registered and when I connect it tell me I am not registered . Thank you for your reply .
  • grats on becoming a mod!
  • grats on becoming a mod!
  • Welcome back!
  • Welcome back!
  • Hi when I want to recet my skill its showing unknown error #G
  • Hi when I want to recet my skill its showing unknown error #G