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  • because when I go to do the first mission it comes out and something appears loading that says this ???????????
  • Help: Lord I am very fan of dragon ball and everything, and I would like to play this game but I register and nothing, I have Dragon Ball Online Global downloaded but when I create all my account and I am going to get to play nothing that grabs says the name of user does not exist
    • Hi SonGoku,

      You can create an account to play DBO G here:


    • do not solve that problem now is another I have my account and everything opens the Dragon Ball Online Laucher I hope to load load I give in star me load I write my user name and my password and then when I will do the first mission to travel to the future with truks will come out and something appears to load and appears above ?????????????????????????????
  • hello i want to know where i create a account for to play the game pliss help link for to register
  • my character bugou I'm flying and I get in one place and I can not move, please help me (
    Thank you so much Problem solved)
    • Hi jhouww1,

      If you are bugged and cannot move please type the command @unstack. This should teleport you to your home Popo location. If you have any more troubles please let me know.


  • I have a question, when the sv goes out pre open beta to OPEN beta???
    • Hi Francis,

      There is no date currently set for when the server will change to Open beta.


  • You can help me, my problem is that when I update the launcher I stay stuck, and no matter how long the hours do not move
  • i wonder what a SUPER modertor is....
  • what is happening the servers arent working?
  • The server is under maintenance?
  • Hello there guys do you know how to do the flying quest when the parchment disappears and the quest also I just went quest quest quest more when I won the parchment I tried to do the flight quest she just bugged someone could help me on this

    Please help me if I do not know I will have to delete the char he is already lvl 30 and I really want to do the quest to be able to fly you could change instead of using parchment could leberar fly and more only in the proximity of the type quest so near the face What gives the quest
  • I've posted on a certain thread a few days back. Could a moderator approve my post? Or how does it work?
    Every time someone posts something, a Mod should approve it?

    • Hi Thunderfart,

      Moderators only need to approve posts that have links in them. Are you talking about this post? forum.dbo.global/index.php?thr…&postID=141440#post141440

      I can see this was the only post you have made and it was approved. It needed approval because it contained a link (the link to the build you posted)


    • Oh, so that's why it needs approval. Yep, that was the post.
      Thanks for the info :)

      Good day,
  • every server just shutdown what happened?
  • will you ever repair the cupons?
    • No, it has been decided at this stage that coupons for amour and weapons will be disabled and will be removed.
  • by the way how can i extract the file that is updated for new english translations?
  • ok thanks
  • Tempest can you please tell us if Daenos wil come today and if the servers will run today or tomorrow
  • When the servers will be online?
    • Hi Wuichi01,

      The servers are estimated to be back online within the next 24 hours. This is only an estimation however, so it could be up earlier or later.


  • When Daneos will be back? (I know he will be back 22/08, but is there an especific hour?)
  • 1 dia sin dbo vieja ;(
  • Buen Día, a que hora piensa estar listo el servidor? quiero aprovechar mis vacaciones para estar muy seguido y ahora esta caído el server :(
  • Do you know when the server will be ready?
    • Hi florian,

      The server should be up in approximately 24 hours time. This is only an estimated time frame, so it could be up earlier than expected or it could be up later. Please be sure to check the forums and our discord server to be updated in the situation.


    • Ok thx but i can't go in your discord
      thank you for the info
      Is it possible to put the game in full french?
    • Try clicking on this link to enter the DBO G discord: discord.gg/YAK99G7

      To have the latest french patch installed click on the launcher, then click on the options cog icon (located on the top right hand corner of the launcher) and select french. Then you should have the latest french patch. The game is still being translated by the French translation team, so currently its not in full french.
  • I can not get into DBOG I can do
    • Hi Kwan,

      The server is currently offline and is experiencing some technical difficulties right now. The server will hopefully be back up by the 22/08/2017.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,

  • Hey Tempest , i have a prolem
    It is how can change email in dbo.global
    Because i deleted old email i want new email
    Pls help me :3
    • Hi yujikisaito,

      Currently there is no way to change your email to your dbo global account. I suggest you submit a ticket at forum.dbo.global/ticketsystem/ and the support team will see what they can do for you.


  • Hi Tempest, I'm having trouble with updating the DBO Launcher. I'm getting a message saying "Updater.exe not found"
    • Hi CxD1k,

      If you are getting that error just disable your antivirus/firewall protection or add the game as an exception. You should then be able to update the launcher.
  • Hello! I have problems to register .. help!
  • hello, the server is in beta and will reset all the accounts ? or are ready ?
    • Hi Misaki,
      Yes the server is currently in Pre Open beta. After Pre Open beta is finished, all the account progress will be wiped and we will move into Open Beta stage. For open beta everyone will keep character progress and nothing will be wiped. We are not ready for open beta stage yet and we will announce in the future when the server will be ready for Open Beta. For now there are still features and formulas to fix.

      I hope this answers your questions if you have any more feel free to ask


    • ty (^ ω ^)
  • Hello maybe you could help me out! i was playing dbo 10 mins ago and now whenever i try to login to my account i'm receiving some kind of error that say ( Server ) ( you are disconnected) any clue what could it be?
    • Are you running the game through the launcher and as admin?
  • can you chack out my support ticket replay thank you :)
  • Hi, d

    The reason for the ban is to spread the virus, but I don't understand what that means. Can you explain it to me? Or give me the lift ban, I will participate in the team competition, buy some props, I have done wrong things in the past, please forgive, thank you.
    If I lift my account ban, I will provide the bug in the game.?
    My id is a TuxedoMask?
  • Even if the police arrest is to have evidence