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  • help me pliz..
    • Sure
    • I'm french my English will be on the translation, I validate my account and I want to launch the game it tells me that the account does not exist or verify the id ..
  • hola, queria saber si hay que registrarse por otra pagina porque por la principal no me deja, lleno todas las casillas con los datos, verifico que no soy un robot le doy a enviar y me recarga la pagina pero el email no llega. Agradeceria una respuesta sobre el tema, muchas gracias.
    • lol me cambio algunas palabras al enviar el mensaje ni yo lo entiendo al leerlo
    • para acortar intento registrarme y no me deja en la pagina principal que puedo hacer.
  • because I can not go to the server says you have disconnected because pull that I occupy help please
  • thank u for closing the threat from sendoku!!!
  • can u pls explain what super saiyan moderator game master krillin founder goku founder saiyan founder and all is?
    • Hi Turtlebob,

      Krillin, Goku and Super Saiyan founders are members/players who donated to support DBO G when the project first began. For this, they earned the special title, and were entitled to receive items, and also extra privileges for their early support.

      Moderators enforce the forum rules, help answer Support Tickets and also manage the discord. Moderators are DBO G Staff members.

      Game Masters - is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for questions regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for MMO's (From Wikipedia) - in this case DBO G. Game masters also do handle moderator responsibilities too, however they mainly respond and deal with situations that relate to DBO G's Game Policy, and DBO G as a whole. Game Masters are DBO G Staff members.

    • ok thanks
  • oi hoje eu vim aqui pedir ajuda,não estou conseguindo me registrar no jogo então vim aqui pedir ajuda por acaso tem que ser algum navegador especifico pra criar conta ou sla é um erro que ta acontecendo?
  • my apk wont let me sign in also the launcher has a virus
    • Hi,

      The DBO G launcher does not contain a virus. Anti virus software only detects DBO G and it's contents as a virus because there is files that it does not recognize.
  • ola
    gostaria que me ajudasee
  • hello can you help me im trying to play i downloaded the game but wont let me run it
  • he got bugged in ch3
  • Good morning my character was bugged in the game when I try to enter the game he says that my account is on and there is no one in the character he really got bugged inside the game
    • Hi dandanx,

      You will have to wait until the next server restart (which happens every Thursday during server maintenance) in order to play on that account again.

  • No puedo registrar una cuenta para el juego, como hago?
  • Hello everybody can somebody plz give me a good build for a lvl 60 CRANE
  • mr tempest thank you for the quick ticket response I appreciate the time and effort you and the team put into the game. hopefully the spam will be reduced in the future

  • I've replied to your warning regarding my activity on the forums.
    I've seen that you've also indeed read it.

    Awaiting your reply.
  • Yo temp its vegeta from tw2. Hows it going ? Good too see a familiar face . Gonna start playing but there isnt much point until it3 opens fully as it will get wiped xD
  • hey need help cant get in to the game it say this t say
    i failed to connect to the authentication server
  • will das spiel spielen aber passwort geht nicht oder stimmt nicht kann mir einer sagen warum
  • Hi, why i cant use the skill of crane hermit: "Spirit Wave" ???
  • hail tempest aussie badass. thanks for answering this thread…&postID=152455#post152455 it clears things up for the folks with common sense. some cant see the big picture here but I believe ur right they will accept it sooner or later
  • Yoooo tempest can you help me out?, whichever server I join it disconnects
  • I'm tired of the Dragon Ball Global because I created a Hermit Crane class neglected the character and even left the game worse, I sent support several times and I sent comments about Hermit Crane in the forum and nothing happened, I followed the error comments as people who did not play with the Hermit Crane ... I even divulged skills that Crane had in TW and missing here in the game, neither answered them, give up anymore ...
  • hi sir. i left the game for like 1 week and now when i open launcher
    the start icon won't light on and no update or something shows up
    what to do
  • I need to talk with you, it is urgent
    • Hi juan509,

      What is the problem?


    • I already created the ticket
  • hey I wasn't to start a fight !!
    he started ya know !!
    I didn't want his suggest so he say it !! HMPH
    • Just ignore posts like that, its best not to try carry on and escalate the passive aggressive behavior and to just let it be. The rule of that thread is to respect other people's opinion and suggestions.
    • I don't okay ? I respect Es and I never think to make a problem cool ?
      then hey I show my suggest and he make funny of it.
      be fair dude cuz I didn't say thing make this case big or for you said that
      I know everything and know how to talk gently .
  • hi tempest i'm in trouble. with my majin i start TLQ4 but when i'm at paozu appear a message "result fail - execution failed" and i can't arrive to child goku. Even when i forfeit quest or relog my character have the same problem. can you help me please?
    • Hi HollowIchigo93,

      Please submit a ticket at the help desk: and be sure to attach a screenshot with the relative information in regards to the problem you are experiencing.


  • because when I go to do the first mission it comes out and something appears loading that says this ???????????
  • Help: Lord I am very fan of dragon ball and everything, and I would like to play this game but I register and nothing, I have Dragon Ball Online Global downloaded but when I create all my account and I am going to get to play nothing that grabs says the name of user does not exist
    • Hi SonGoku,

      You can create an account to play DBO G here:


    • do not solve that problem now is another I have my account and everything opens the Dragon Ball Online Laucher I hope to load load I give in star me load I write my user name and my password and then when I will do the first mission to travel to the future with truks will come out and something appears to load and appears above ?????????????????????????????
  • hello i want to know where i create a account for to play the game pliss help link for to register
  • my character bugou I'm flying and I get in one place and I can not move, please help me (
    Thank you so much Problem solved)
    • Hi jhouww1,

      If you are bugged and cannot move please type the command @unstack. This should teleport you to your home Popo location. If you have any more troubles please let me know.