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  • hey ice i following you now :) baka huh ?
  • hey sorry to bother u but I was just wondering how u change ur title from noobie to Martial Artist or even something else
    • Forum system is based on posts and likes that give you forum points. Soo more points in general you gain, higher rank you will get.
    • ok that's what I thought I just wasn't sure thank u
    • Any time mate, I am glad I could help.
  • Ice Ice are you this Iceman from PW?
    • One and only Grimmjow and you are PW Vegetto, ain't you poland bish. xD
    • Yep I am Vegetto
    • And what's happen with a website PW
    • It was removed when I left games cuz I need to go away from my country cuz of job. I am back now and we use discord now.
    • ahh i see
  • I thought you were done with DBO. XD Good to see you man.
    • Yep, I went out of my country for some time and I was busy, soo that is why. Now that I have free time, I am back. Good to see you around bro. xD
    • Yeah I'm on break myself. I feel the urge to play again though so that might become a thing.
    • I am glad to hear that and if you ever join the game and if you are guildless(I doubt that cool guy as you can be guildless), free to join PW and play with us. xD
    • XD Well sadly I'm in PopoHaven (created by B4.D4.$$), but I'll still be willing to play with you guys. :)
  • Kako da nađem tvoj guild i nadam se da postoji neka sansa da uđem, bila bi mi cast :D
    • Postavio sam u guild description. Nedavno smo poceli igrat, a mozes naci mene(IcemanBos) ili Hakaze. Ali, prica se glavnom na engl u guildu, ako to nije problem, mozes uletit nema problema.
  • Heyo old friend xD send me discord link , i'm ready to join u guys again , i missed you all so much.
    • Sended and I am glad you are alive haha.
  • yo! Iceman. I hope you remember me. Its good to see you back. Whats your IGN and is your Pride Warrior guild alive?
    • As always, IcemanBos and ofc it is. Pride Warriors is immortal guild. How are you Karan? xD
  • Here I am a man, so I do not have to stand idiots.
    I do not play almost now, but add me in the game if I ever go in. I am Poma (I am older) Hehe
  • I give you a clue:
    • Pometa? My Pometa-chwan!
    • Yes. How are ayou? Long time without knowing anything about you.
    • Well I was busy but now I am back and if you use discord, tell me, I will send you link.
    • how cool to see all you guys again! how are you doing?
    • Hey Noto. It is alright mate, you know us. How are you? Do you play DBOG and if ain't in guild, pm me in-game.
  • And my name is...? If you are the real Iceman you will know.
    • Yes I am real, contact me on DBOR. I still have shanks there. xD
  • Who is cute?