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  • Hello Ice

    I have to say this that I wont join your guild in Open Beta coz you lied to me that you said you wont leave DBO G Discord and you left so thats all...

    • You wouldn't even be accepted mate. I left because there is no need for me to be there, all cool people I want to talk are in my guild or in my friend list. Plus I was preparing to leave from there for long time, I couldn't shut down my urge to use support channel and as I am not MOD anymore, I was simply buttin there since I get used to it. Good luck with life mate!
  • sup bro! can u recommend me a good pvp build for fighter :)
  • Iceman please help we need u something in pw
  • hi
  • hi!
    Let me ask u man...
    do u know why the server are all offline?
  • I would like to join your guild. I started playing 2 days ago I'm level 29 and play as a dark warrior
    • Level requirement for main guild is lvl 30 for alt guild is bellow 30. Soo if you want to be in main guild, get lvl 30 and contact me or any of PW leaders in-game or on discord and you will be in. Good luck.
  • hey can i join ur guild was trying to make a guild but its not working can anyone tell me whats wrong
    • We always recruit english speaking members, just contact me or one of 4 my guild leaders in-game or discord.
  • Don't this guy look familiar?? Hahah I can't put my finger on it . Iceman kurva?
    • If you are the real deal, then you know me but I guess since you used "kurva", and only old Zolo used it, yea I guess you are the real deal, well 99% xD
  • Do you like KFC?
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken, if you mean this, then no, I never try it.
  • Ok, keep the same upgrade system, I can't do nothing to a moderator.
    • I need to say sorry to you, but I felt offended at how my hours were lost and the topic was closed as if it were nothing =/
    • Well I just do my job, plus many players proved me that upgrade system is fine as it is. You just need luck, white stones and advanced stones, and it will work out. It is alright.
  • Hi dude!
    Van egy kis problémám tudsz nekem benne segíteni? megvolt mind a 7 sárkánygömb és eltünt a táskámból a mai DC nél! :/
    • Jóvá tettél, de ma nem volt semmilyen db vadászat, talán küldetés. Küldje jegyet.
    • tudom, hogy ma nem volt db vadászat, de ma lettem meg 40 -es a super sayajin-hez.
    • thanks dude!
    • Your welcome mate xD
  • Hello IceMan, thanks for answer my post but my Image dosen´t show has a Image it shows like a link, can you re open the post for answer the problem?
  • Ohayo, Senpai!
  • was being rude. 2.I asked a question and you said u answered when you didn't.. 3. closing a thread to get the last word is childish
    • well it felt like you was implying i was stupid anyway and that would of been rude, i apologise if that was not the case...but that is how it felt.
    • I close thread because you guys requested it and no I wasn't rude, I just quote what you just said, since you read the guide, you got that there is chance to get random stats there, I mean in 1st table, there was listed stats you could get. And yes I answer you with link of guide that contains everything regarding your question, that guide is answer.
    • i get that, but no where did it say all stats are random and there is only a chance of getting these on each of the items and because of that i open the thread :) anyway you did answer my question so thank you mate, sorry for thinking you was being rude...hard to tell over text sometimes lol
  • Hi there Icedude Got say you rocking this moderator thing keep up good work
  • Hi bro, ruthie here. u can send me? Ty
    • Here you go:
      I had 1 SP left soo I send it to genocide blast, you can put it anywhere you want.
    • Hey, man, thanks for the help with the big boss.
      now enjoying, could you help me with something else?
    • You can tell me on discord, Join if you ain't, it is official DBOG discord channel.
  • Please help me need build poko priest but screen shot of skill calculator thanks
  • Hi Iceman
    Do you need to pay to fly now?

    I mean i am lvl 30 and did all the fly quest, it appeared afterwards an egg on the storage of cash shop, that happens to be the flight skill but its with the wrong class...
    Im an martial artist and the flight skill that i got is for the spiritualist...

    Did this happened before?
    Its been a while that i dont play this game

    An reply will be much appreciated
    • You need to do fly quests in Kokkara Map lvl 21 one then you move to Korrin Village, some quests from Afro guy at Korrin Tower. After that you do adult quest and master class quest and you get master class and then you go at Namekian at Korrin Village to do Fly Quests. After that you are done and you can fly around with np.
    • Remember from that Namekian are Chain Fly quests, you need to do all 3 quests in red circles that will show up when you accept Fly Quest.
    • Ahh Okey
      Then i need to do the master class too i didnt know that! The rest i know im an old player of DBO but i forgot about that detail haha
      Thanks a lot bro!
      Cheears! :D
    • I am glad I could help mate, good luck!
  • No guarda la calculadora de skills por eso pido captura de pantalla ....Si busque en la pagina las guías, pero no funaciona la calculadora al guardar las build
  • hey ice i following you now :) baka huh ?
  • hey sorry to bother u but I was just wondering how u change ur title from noobie to Martial Artist or even something else
    • Forum system is based on posts and likes that give you forum points. Soo more points in general you gain, higher rank you will get.
    • ok that's what I thought I just wasn't sure thank u
    • Any time mate, I am glad I could help.
  • Ice Ice are you this Iceman from PW?
    • One and only Grimmjow and you are PW Vegetto, ain't you poland bish. xD
    • Yep I am Vegetto
    • And what's happen with a website PW
    • It was removed when I left games cuz I need to go away from my country cuz of job. I am back now and we use discord now.
    • ahh i see
  • I thought you were done with DBO. XD Good to see you man.
    • Yep, I went out of my country for some time and I was busy, soo that is why. Now that I have free time, I am back. Good to see you around bro. xD
    • Yeah I'm on break myself. I feel the urge to play again though so that might become a thing.
    • I am glad to hear that and if you ever join the game and if you are guildless(I doubt that cool guy as you can be guildless), free to join PW and play with us. xD
    • XD Well sadly I'm in PopoHaven (created by B4.D4.$$), but I'll still be willing to play with you guys. :)
  • Kako da nađem tvoj guild i nadam se da postoji neka sansa da uđem, bila bi mi cast :D
    • Postavio sam u guild description. Nedavno smo poceli igrat, a mozes naci mene(IcemanBos) ili Hakaze. Ali, prica se glavnom na engl u guildu, ako to nije problem, mozes uletit nema problema.
  • Heyo old friend xD send me discord link , i'm ready to join u guys again , i missed you all so much.
    • Sended and I am glad you are alive haha.
  • yo! Iceman. I hope you remember me. Its good to see you back. Whats your IGN and is your Pride Warrior guild alive?
    • As always, IcemanBos and ofc it is. Pride Warriors is immortal guild. How are you Karan? xD
  • Here I am a man, so I do not have to stand idiots.
    I do not play almost now, but add me in the game if I ever go in. I am Poma (I am older) Hehe
  • I give you a clue:
    • Pometa? My Pometa-chwan!
    • Yes. How are ayou? Long time without knowing anything about you.
    • Well I was busy but now I am back and if you use discord, tell me, I will send you link.
    • how cool to see all you guys again! how are you doing?
    • Hey Noto. It is alright mate, you know us. How are you? Do you play DBOG and if ain't in guild, pm me in-game.
  • And my name is...? If you are the real Iceman you will know.
    • Yes I am real, contact me on DBOR. I still have shanks there. xD
  • Who is cute?