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  • Kako da nađem tvoj guild i nadam se da postoji neka sansa da uđem, bila bi mi cast :D
    • Postavio sam u guild description. Nedavno smo poceli igrat, a mozes naci mene(IcemanBos) ili Hakaze. Ali, prica se glavnom na engl u guildu, ako to nije problem, mozes uletit nema problema.
  • Heyo old friend xD send me discord link , i'm ready to join u guys again , i missed you all so much.
    • Sended and I am glad you are alive haha.
  • yo! Iceman. I hope you remember me. Its good to see you back. Whats your IGN and is your Pride Warrior guild alive?
    • As always, IcemanBos and ofc it is. Pride Warriors is immortal guild. How are you Karan? xD
  • Here I am a man, so I do not have to stand idiots.
    I do not play almost now, but add me in the game if I ever go in. I am Poma (I am older) Hehe
  • I give you a clue:
    • Pometa? My Pometa-chwan!
    • Yes. How are ayou? Long time without knowing anything about you.
    • Well I was busy but now I am back and if you use discord, tell me, I will send you link.
  • And my name is...? If you are the real Iceman you will know.
    • Yes I am real, contact me on DBOR. I still have shanks there. xD
  • Who is cute?