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  • because I can not go to the server says you have disconnected because pull that I occupy help please
  • hello I'm new XD, I wanted to ask for help when I try to create an account to play the other page of DBGO as he does not read me and he deletes everything and he does not let me create it if, someone knows why he thanked XD
    • Are you sure you are ticking the "i am not robot" before clicking register?
  • Hello
    I'm begging for help.
    I'm still with the game closing all the time.
    I start the launcher I click to start the game
    but it automatically closes and closes
    and I'm suffering from it for several days
    I deactivated my avast firewall and all antivirus
    but it did not work
    I use windows 10 I'm suspicious of accounting error
    the game opens sometimes
    but during the gameplay it closes please
    help me
  • please check swordsman skill " Energy Recovery " its not work correctly ... when skill are more than lvl 1 aren't recover more than 1 RP
  • were is the download
  • Hola buenas, estoy intentado entrar en el servidor pero me dice que mi usuario no existe y no entiendo que tengo que hacer, si me puedes ayudar se lo agradeceria
  • tell daneos pls to check my ticket support i did everything..
  • hi mr translator goku name dude thank you for all the hard work u have done for game from a fan :)
  • hi, translate dont work... The game is in Chinese...
  • Hi GokUsama your can help me with one problem with the english patch :c?
  • hey ! i'm new !
    i can't play the game ! anybody would like to help me ?
  • what's the atual stats of server? pre-open beta?
  • hi game master
    Do you need to pay to fly now?

    I mean i am lvl 30 and did all the fly quest, it appeared afterwards an egg on the storage of cash shop, that happens to be the flight skill but its with the wrong class...
    Im an martial artist and the flight skill that i got is for the spiritualist...

    Did this happened before?
    Its been a while that i dont play this game

    An reply will be much appreciated

  • ajuda, nao consigo criar conta no site oficial
  • nooooob
  • Hello,

    I just downloaded the game and I saw on your website I can download the translate english version.

    It just directs me on forum but I cannot find the download file.

    I do have already some words translated in english...is that is maybe?

    Because I didn't copy anything into LOCALIZE file or anywhere else.

    Thank you for your help,

    Tropex Art
  • my character bugou I'm flying and I get in one place and I can not move, please help me
  • Hey GokUsama do you know by any chance what's the name of the charge reflection +15 that appears right bellow violet charge? I already changed the color of the violet charge as a mod but i can't find that reflection anywhere when i open tex file on resource tool - effect folder. can you help?
  • Hi, can you help me with how to put a mod
  • alguien me puede ayudar ?por que no me puedo registrar .. solo me pude registrar en el forum
  • hey can you help me i saw you made a new english patch and i m new in it could you send me the link to download it ? thanks
    • Simply download the patch from the launcher.
  • ok thanks
  • how do i extract the file to update the new english translated stuff?
    • Simply extract and replace the file in the DBOG folder and run the game from launcher.
  • qual o horário e dia das esferas do dragão
  • noooooooooooooooob
  • nooob
  • I'm having difficulty on how to use the english language patcher can you help me out please
  • hey man new here!!! where do i download the localize? because i have a mission all in taiwan and i dont know what to do! thank you!
  • Have stolen my crane account can you recover? She calls SSJD
  • Have stolen my crane account can you recover? She calls SSJD